How To Display Cutting Boards On Kitchen Counter? 6 Creative Ways

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Kitchens serve not only as spaces to prepare delicious meals, but also as stylish backdrops that reflect our personal tastes. Finding unique ways to display cutting boards on the kitchen counter adds visual intrigue while keeping these essential tools easily accessible. This comprehensive guide will explore creative ideas for how to display cutting boards on kitchen counter to take your counter from cluttered to captivating.

The Allure of Cutting Board Displays

For cooking enthusiasts, cutting boards hold a special significance both functionally and symbolically. Beyond their practical role in protecting counters and providing a surface for chopping, cutting boards have an artistic beauty stemming from their materials, craftsmanship, and patinas earned through years of use.

Displaying cutting boards demonstrates a passion for food preparation while contributing to kitchen design aesthetics. Thoughtfully arranged cutting boards make impressive decorative statements as well as conversation pieces for guests. Keeping them displayed also ensures your favourite and most used boards won’t get relegated to some deep cabinet, never to be seen!

Key Benefits of Displaying Cutting Boards

how to display cutting boards on kitchen counter

Before diving into the how-to, let’s examine the many benefits well-styled cutting board displays provide:

Enhanced Organization

Counter displays keep cutting boards neatly organized and easily accessible, avoiding the need to rummage around when you need to chop and slice.

Space Saving

Mounted racks, ledges and vertical storage conserve precious counter real estate.

Artistic Accents

Cutting boards become decorative focal points, adding warmth, texture and visual interest.

Conversation Starters

Displayed boards pique the curiosity of guests, giving opportunities to share cooking tales.

Inspiration to Cook

Seeing your cutting boards can spark inspiration for new dishes and meals.

Personal Style Showcase

Collections and arrangements reflect your tastes and kitchen aesthetic.

Tool Protection

Visibility prevents misplacement so boards don’t get damaged or lost.

Now that the benefits are clear, let’s examine how to thoughtfully curate and display your cutting board collection.

Selecting Cutting Boards for Display

Much like choosing artwork for a wall, creating a cuting board display requires carefully selecting boards to complement your space. Consider the following criteria when acquiring boards:

how to display cutting boards on kitchen counter



Cherry, maple, walnut, teak – each wood type provides unique natural grains, textures and colors to appreciate.


Plastic boards offer budget-friendly options in diverse hues like green, navy, pink for vibrant pops of color.


Sustainably sourced bamboo brings earthy tones and durability.


Elegant marble, soapstone or granite boards elevate refinement.


Mixed materials like wood-marble provide contrasting visuals.


Choose an assortment of sizes – larger for roasts and smaller boards for produce slicing – to enable different prep needs.


Round, square, rectangular, oval – varied shapes create eye-catching displays.

Single vs. Reversible

Reversible boards with juice channels provide functionality while single surface boards allow displaying decorative sides.

Weights and Handles

Heavier boards feel substantial and stay put while handles enable easy transport.


Smooth or carved edges impact the tactile appeal.

Personal Connection

Opt for boards with nostalgic significance or from local artisans and craft fairs to make your display meaningful.

The materials, construction, age and patina of each cutting board tells a unique story so curate your collection thoughtfully.

How To Display Cutting Boards On Kitchen Counter: Prime Placement

how to display cutting boards on kitchen counter

Choosing where to display your cutting boards on the counter requires careful consideration both aesthetically and functionally.


Select an area visible from key kitchen areas so the display can be appreciated.


Place near work zones for convenient access when cooking.


Ensure adequate vertical and horizontal space so the area doesn’t feel cluttered.


Boards will shine when highlighted under pendants, sconces or natural light.

Feng Shui

Incorporate principles like avoiding sharp edges pointing at seating areas.


Align with surrounding elements for pleasing repetition and visual order.


Position boards to complement how you naturally move within the kitchen.


Incorporate boards meaningful to you in prime display spots.

Take measurements and evaluate your counter space options to identify the optimal cutting board display location. This key decision sets the foundation for your design.

Mounting Methods for Cutting Board Storage

how to display cutting boards on kitchen counter

Beyond flat counter displays, consider installing dedicated spaces to store cutting boards using these techniques:


Floating shelves or rail systems with removable hooks allow vertical storage.

Under Cabinet

Mount ledges or specialized racks beneath upper cabinets.

Magnetic Strips

Hold knives and smaller boards securely with industrial-strength magnetic strips.

Drawer Organizers

Customize drawers with slots or trays to neatly stow boards inside.

Hanging Racks

Multi-tier hanging racks store boards while freeing up counter space.

Edge Mounts

Discreet mounts secured under counters hold boards vertically flush against the cabinet wall.

Evaluate your space to determine which mounting options could integrate well into your kitchen design. Mounting provides organized storage and clears more room for food prep and appliances.

Design Principles for Styling Cutting Board Displays

how to display cutting boards on kitchen counter

Applying fundamental design principles elevates your cutting board display from functional to fabulous:


Create visual intrigue by combining varied shapes, sizes, colors and textures.


Unify the look through repeated elements like all wood boards or matching shapes.


Position bolder, heavier boards centrally as focal points.

Triadic Color Schemes

Choose three complementary hues for an energizing look.

Rule of Odds

Arrange boards in odd-numbered groupings for balance.


Ensure the display doesn’t appear visually heavier on one side.


Tie the ensemble together with common woods, finishes, or accessories.

Form and Function

Maintain usability and access while enhancing aesthetics.

Sketching arrangements and experimenting with boards helps achieve a display tailored to your space and style.

Ideas and Inspiration for Styling Cutting Board Displays

how to display cutting boards on kitchen counter

Need some styling ideas to create your own captivating cutting board display? Here are design suggestions to spark inspiration:

Natural Elements

Incorporate greenery like ferns or succulents, stone fruits, or natural accents like pinecones to complement wood boards and connect to nature.

Textures and Materials

Pair glossy ceramic or metallic accents with matte boards to create eye-catching textural juxtapositions.

Everyday Objects

Repurpose crates, baskets or galvanized tins to hold and elevate boards with vintage charm.

Meal Ingredients

Artfully arrange edible ingredients like lemons, herbs or spices to tantalize the senses.

Books and Utensils

Blend boards with cookbooks, rolling pins, measuring spoons and other tools for a cohesive look.

Mix and Match

Combine natural wood with vibrantly colored plastic boards tied together with kitchen towels for an eclectic arrangement.


Stack triangular boards with rectangular boards for multidimensional designs.

Food for Thought

Include chalkboard labels with food facts or whimsical board names for an informational element.

Incorporate under cabinet lighting or pendant lamps above the display to highlight texture and color.

Feel empowered to embrace your personal style – whether clean-lined and modern or playfully rustic. Displaying cutting boards gives limitless opportunities to infuse creativity into your culinary space.

Caring for Cutting Boards: Maintenance for Safety and Appearance

how to display cutting boards on kitchen counter

Cutting boards take a beating during meal prep. Proper care, sanitation maintains beauty, prolongs lifespan and protects hygiene:

Clean Thoroughly After Each Use

Use hot soapy water or disinfectant sprays. Sanitize with diluted vinegar.

Air Dry Completely

Allow wood boards to fully dry prior to storing to prevent warping, cracks and mold.

Apply Mineral Oil

Nourish wood boards monthly with food-grade mineral oil to maintain their appearance.

Avoid Harsh Detergents

Steer clear of soaking boards or using abrasive cleaners which can damage.

Control Heat and Moisture

Keep boards away from direct sunlight or dishwasher heat that can cause drying and splits.

Store Safely

Ensure boards are clean and dry before storing upright or covered. Never stack wet boards.

Rotate Frequently

Cycle boards between display, storage and active use to evenly distribute wear.

Remove Stains Gently

Use fine grit sandpaper, salt, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to gently lift stains from wood and plastic boards. Avoid aggressive scrubbing.

With proper care, your cutting boards will maintain their integrity and luster to take center stage in your kitchen.

Achieving Your Dream Cutting Board Display

Crafting a cutting board arrangement you’re excited about shows off your style while keeping these hardworking tools displayed and accessible. Start by taking stock of the boards you already own and love. Evaluate your counter space and storage options to consider possible display locations.

Be creative, have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment! Mount an unexpected rack, contrast modern and vintage designs or proudly showcase that handmade gift board from a relative.

Your personalized cutting board collection reflects your cooking passions and memories. Let it anchor a stylish, functional kitchen display you’ll enjoy admiring and using for years to come. Soon your boards will become beloved kitchen fixtures inspiring meal preparation and meaningful moments shared around the table. You can Check out This for more Ideas

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